What’s that TRO on the side of our kits?

What’s that “TRO” on the side of our kits? You may not have noticed or if you did, you probably have no idea what it is. That TRO is the name of my husband and biggest fan’s business. His name is Scott Sanda and he has graciously offered to be a sponsor this year. (If you see him at a bike race, please thank him!)

TRO (tromfg.com) is a contract metal stamper. They make lots of parts that go into lots of things but most of the products are automotive. Chances are the brake booster in your car has parts made by TRO. None of this is remotely related to cycling. Generally sponsors fall into either the “I give you money/product in exchange for you helping promote my business” or “I’m feeling happy today and want to help out my or my friend’s/wife’s/… team”. This would definitely be the later but you never know who’s out there that could be in a related business or position. It seems to be a very small world.

Another note that may be of interest is that Scott races cars in road course events (sorta like F1 – not NASCAR). He has been racing for 15+ years. He has raced Porsches of various kinds all along but he has cured his addiction and currently he races a Cadillac CTS-V. He races mostly events put on by SCCA (Sports Car Club of America). He is typically at local tracks (Blackhawk Farms in South Beloit – yes, the site of the Super Spring Crit – and at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI). I mention all this because I know many of you are racing fans and may be interested in coming out to a race. June 16-17 is the June Sprints at Road America. It is SCCA’s biggest national level race in the country besides the championship run-offs. And, it is a spectator event so there will be plenty of food/entertainment things going on besides the racing. If you would be interested in coming up for a day or the weekend, please do! I will be up there, the racing is awesome, there’s camping available on site (we camp on site) and the bike riding around there is awesome. I will have my bike and plan to get lost and engage in some farm dog sprints. There are numerous other race weekends, though, so drop me a line if you would like other dates.

That’s all folks. Back to bike racin’.