June 6th, 2017….Ladies Night at the Track…

Psimet Racing and Yojimbos Garage bring you ladies night at the Kenosha Velodrome!!

Bringing you $500 worth of women specific payouts this should be a great night of racing.

This is a brand new season for the Kenosha Velodrome with a brand new track. We and track racers alike are thrilled to get to race on this new facility.

What better way to have the first of two ladies nights at this track.

Races will be determined day of the event. We look forward to seeing you there!!


Two Weeks of UCI…

Two weeks of UCI races…ends with a quick trip to Cleveland to race after seven races the day before. 100 days after brain surgery…quick little update.

Currently ranked 15 in the country. Waiting on world ranks, wont be posted until next month probably.

Win the party!!

Win the Party